One Cup Closer to Freedom



Located in Rocklin California, Origin Coffee and Tea is a non-profit coffee shop, resolved to end human trafficking

Origin Coffee is designed to utilize our greatest weapon in the fight against sex-trafficking – passionate, selfless people.  Therefore we need as many people involved as possible.  And not just for a night or for a season but for an entire generation.   A generational movement of people, passionate about ending sexual exploitation.

Naturally being a place where  relationships flow, a coffee shop became the hub for the mission.  This issue is not just part of what our business does, but the reason our business exists








2168 Sunset Blvd.  105  Rocklin, CA 95765



M-F 7:00am–10:30pm
Sa 7:00am–10:30pm
Su 10:30am–10:30pm




Drink Menu

Meeting Room Reservation Form

Please submit your request a minimum of 5 business days prior to your event. Thank you! 

RATES: $10 Booking Fee/Space (4+ hours $20/Space)
As we go forward to better accommodate the demand for our space we are going to be charging a booking fee to reserve the room. This will help us to cover the cost of the space and allow us to donate more to the fight against human trafficking. An email will follow with an invoice to pay the booking fee and upon payment your room will be reserved.
In addition, we also ask that at least 3/4 of your group make a beverage, pastry or merchandise purchase. 
~ The large room can be divided. Each side can hold up to 10 people or 20+ for the whole space.
~ The room w/ the window can hold 15+ people.
ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Conference room availability is every day of the week 6:30am-10:00pm. We are not currently equipped with projection screens, TVs, etc. We do have free wi-fi.

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Join our Volunteer Team

Each week nearly 100 people from around our community come and willingly work for free to give freedom to those who are enslaved